On Leave…Finally…First Week

I’m finally on leave…YEY! 😀 Uh actually I’m not really officially on leave yet, I told my boss that I would be working from home so well…I have to be online and work for 8 hours while at home…but at least I dont have to make that 1.5-2 hours travel to and from office, what a relief! 😀

Thanks to my boss for letting me do wfh,,,I’m really glad coz here in the Philippines, we only get 2 months maternity leave…if I ended up waiting for one whole month before I deliver our baby, I only have 1 month remaining to take care of him T_T

So what did I do this week? Aside from work…well nothing hahaha :)))) I was thinking of doing some artwork but I dont have wacom intuos, I’m so lazy to get some pad and pencils to draw, its too messy for me 😀 At least if I use wacom, I can instantly connect to my laptop and draw away, with colors and all 😀

I also want to buy a cheap tablet, something like ipad but not as expensive, because I want to read my ebooks. Reading from a laptop is making me teary eyed and tired U_U

Geez I have lots of wishes huh? I wonder if this is because of pregnancy?

Oh by the way I’m 37 weeks, just 2-3 more weeks to go!! I feel scared, but I’m keeping my hopes up that me and my baby are healthy! 😀 Wish me luck!

My Preggy Life

First time pregnancy, first time vomiting plenty, first time making a lot of work absences…

This was my life in my first trimester, my life (actually my food life) completely turned upside down…I couldn’t eat well, I vomited even if I wasn’t finished eating, I felt weak  and most of all I couldn’t go to work (maybe it was good? :D:D)

I really felt like resigning and having my hubby work alone, but I knew we will be having financial difficulties if he did, so I (reluctantly) continued working and enduring my predicament…saying this is a blessing…this is a blessing..this is a blessing…

And then 2nd trimester came…I was so happy I could finally eat anything I want! Hurray!!! :D:D:D I could go to the malls, I felt like I could dance, I would even go jogging If I could hahahaha! (I found out later on a site online that the reason I was vomiting is because of my stomach acidity, and back then all I was eating were foods with acid content 😦 )

Now in my third trimester, I am happily waiting for the arrival of our new born baby. I couldn’t eat much now because my tummy feels like its being squished, so I’m (trying) to check on my food intake 🙂

I’m praying it would be a normal delivery because I dont want to be cut! no way no way! :))