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Citibank Citicard

This payroll period is the first time we would be using our Citibank Citicard

I got all the requirements needed for our company, done with all the contracts and everything, and now its time to get to work online to get the funds transferred to our employees

2 days before our payroll date, our Citi officer gave me the list of account numbers to upload to the system, in Excel format. I have to copy all amounts to this template and this excel will generate automatically a mix of numbers which will be uploaded to the system

After some (a little) patience-wrenching attempts to get this seemingly simple-excel file working, I finally got myself ready to upload this to the system, only to be given a notice that there’s a server error so I wont be able to upload our payroll….grrrr!!!

Our nice Citi officer then offered to just email the file to him and he will coordinate it to his team (we were already past cut off time) .  So I was relieved whew! I thought I’m going to have legal cases filed in my face if our payroll was late.

Come next day, 2nd step was to go online with Citibank for the fund transfers. This also tested my patience as I was new in this, and there were some issues that Citi didnt expect to encounter, so here I was waiting for the whole day just to get our payroll across. To top it off my atm card number was wrong so I immediately ask the person in charge to send me another card or else we’ll change banks! (I was only half joking :D)

Thankfully we got it through thanks to our account officers who helped us all the way. And no, Citibank’s not that bad…we decided to get their payroll service because withdrawing to any bank is free of charges, so it will benefit most of our employees. There’s no maintaining balance even if you apply for a checking account.

Hopefully our next payroll will be a breeze as I dont want get any more headaches 😀

My Preggy Life

First time pregnancy, first time vomiting plenty, first time making a lot of work absences…

This was my life in my first trimester, my life (actually my food life) completely turned upside down…I couldn’t eat well, I vomited even if I wasn’t finished eating, I felt weak  and most of all I couldn’t go to work (maybe it was good? :D:D)

I really felt like resigning and having my hubby work alone, but I knew we will be having financial difficulties if he did, so I (reluctantly) continued working and enduring my predicament…saying this is a blessing…this is a blessing..this is a blessing…

And then 2nd trimester came…I was so happy I could finally eat anything I want! Hurray!!! :D:D:D I could go to the malls, I felt like I could dance, I would even go jogging If I could hahahaha! (I found out later on a site online that the reason I was vomiting is because of my stomach acidity, and back then all I was eating were foods with acid content 😦 )

Now in my third trimester, I am happily waiting for the arrival of our new born baby. I couldn’t eat much now because my tummy feels like its being squished, so I’m (trying) to check on my food intake 🙂

I’m praying it would be a normal delivery because I dont want to be cut! no way no way! :))